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Essential Oils and Healthy Living Products

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     It takes hundreds of pounds of each plant, dried and distilled just to make one small bottle of essential oil. So, you are looking at a very concentrated substance. What makes them unique to fatty oils (almond oil, olive oil,coconut oil etc.), is that essential oil molecules are much smaller and volatile, meaning the evaporate into the air.

     The importance of the size of the molecules is that they are able to absorb rapidly into the skin, penetrate into the cells and even travel past the blood brain barrier to enter out brain tissue. Which most substances are unable to do. making them unique in their ability to promote brain health, cell health, and really penetrate areas of you body that other substances can't reach.

     The great thing about essential oils is that you can use them in different ways 


Aromatherapy is... the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.

 Valerie Cooksley

Inhalation of essential oils directly stimulates the olfactory system and at the same time molecules enter the lungs and eventually other parts of the body.  The essential oil molecules affect the limbic system which is considered the seat of emotions, as well as affecting heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance.  

The Cleansing Tree is very pleased to carry the doTerra product line which includes not only a wide variety of essential oils but also healthy alternatives for laundry, household cleaning, and personal care.  

We are happy to make recommendations of essential oils based upon your personal goals.