Aquapor™ products are designed to emulate nature through motion and materials. Water Vortices have long been known as water’s way of self-cleaning and energizing itself and the environment. Aqaupor™ products utilize a specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water. By its unique and innovative design, a special dual or double helix vortex is induced within the water. The basic function is achieved seamlessly through the special flow form and is the reason rivers and streams in nature always alternate between left and right turns. Like Nature, our Aquapor™ products require no power or service to function properly.

   In addition, we implement rare and proprietary materials within the flow form and, through vibrations inherent to all matter, transfer properties into the water without physically adding anything to the water. This form of treatment, which is known as “passive water treatment’, alters the organizational levels of the water’s molecules to a greater degree. Subtle energies and properties are altered in the water to improve and restore natural functions.

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