“"I have felt healthier than I have felt in many years.  I appreciated Dawns professionalism and knowledge of helping me obtain a healthy life style.  The colon hydrotherapy procedure was surprisingly very discreet.and due to the healthy benefits I now have made colonic therapy part of my routine."

Sharron Temple

Dear Dawn,

I’ve been in the Marine Corps for nearly 26 years and consider myself to be in fairly good physical condition.  However, every year it gets a little tougher to maintain the level of fitness and overall wellbeing that I strive for.  One day the wife and I were watching Oprah and became mesmerized by the incredible testimonials being presented on Colon Hydrotherapy.  This year when I hit that state of mental fatigue and seemingly inevitable decline in physical improvement, I recalled the testimonials.
Still being a bit skeptical and nervous about the actual procedure, I did some investigative research.  Everything I read indicated that this procedure was safe, painless and extremely effective.  So I decided to give you a call.  After talking to you on the phone, I felt much more relaxed about the procedure and so I proceeded to schedule a session.  I was excited about having what the research referred to as entrapped waste removed from my body.  Without getting too graphic, the ability to watch the removed waste exiting my body during the procedure has forever sold me on the process.  And the way I felt afterward; well let’s just say I truly feel a new peak of performance is within reach. 
Thank you for introducing this process to me, I’ve already dropped another inch off my waste and decreased my three mile-run time by over a minute since the visit.  Colon health is something no one should take for granted and with this process being as accessible and affordable as it is, I intend on being a regular customer.
I thank you, my wife thanks you, and my colon thanks you.

Michael Sprague
The Cleansing Tree: A Wellness Center