About Us
The Cleansing Tree is here to educate and thus empower you to create a healthy environment for your body, mind, soul, spirit, and emotions through proper food intake, nutritional support, internal cleansing, exercise, balanced emotions and managed stress living.

Thank you for your interest in the Cleansing Tree.

My name is Dawn, I began my journey into holistic health in 1995. Colon Hydrotherapy became a weekly necessity in my life due to a vehicle accident. I struggled for years to find what a nutrionally balanced approach would do for me. I finally listened to my mentors branching out to energetic medicine to better help others pursue their optimal health. My goal is to provide knowledge and information to help you discover what your true body balance is.

Dawn is a certified colon hydrotherapist and completed her training at Lifestream Purification in Austin, Texas.

Dawn holds a Naturopathic Doctorate Degree (ND) from the Trinity School of Natural Health.   

The Cleansing Tree: A Wellness Center